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The Goldfinch Book (Last Remaining Copies) – NOW ALL SOLD



by Massimo Natale & Leone Giuliano Pidala

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The Goldfinch – This highly requested Italian book ‘Il Cardellino’ which was initially printed in Italian and subsequently translated into French and German then English. 

‘The Goldfinch’ is a unique monograph dedicated to the Goldfinch. The book containing more than 300 professional full colour high quality images was written by two world experts in bird breeding and bird watching: Dr. Massimo Natale and Engineer Leone Giuliano Pidala.

The book covers all aspects of the Goldfinch: a description of the bird and various methods of sexing, the nominal race carduelis carduelis (more commonly referred to as the European goldfinch or Eurasian Goldfinch) and the various sub-species (carduelis carduelis britannica, tschusii, parva, balcanica, niediecki, brevirostris, major also know as Siberian Goldfinch or Major Goldfinch) detailing the differences between the various sub-species. The book then goes on to describe in detail the breeding techniques: breeding set-ups indoors/outdoors, cages and aviaries, accessories, lighting, nutrition and methods of preparation of the different food involved. This chapter also covers disease prevention and control. The following chapter then gives detailed information for every stage involved in the breeding process: from pairing up to moulting of youngsters. An account of the whole process involved in breeding these birds is given based on many years of experience after having trialled various methods.

Details include: Pairing up, introducing the nest pans, Nest building, Egg management, Incubation, Candling, Problems and possible solutions from the nest building phase till hatching, Feeding during the various stages of rearing, Frequency of inspections and care of nestlings, Foster hens, Considerations on the presence of Canaries in Goldfinch breeding rooms, their utility and immunological factors, Problems and possible solutions in the first week of life, management of the various stages of life of the youngsters: the second week of life (7th – 14th day), the third week of life (14th – 21st day), the fourth week of life (21st – 28th day), separation of the young ones and weaning, moulting, the winter rest period, feeding plan for the breeding period.

The last two chapters cover the various mutations established to date in the goldfinch and recommended pairings and their outcome, plus mules and hybrids involving the goldfinch.

Undoubtedly this book is unrivalled by no other publication in the sector of avian publications and is a must have book for every bird enthusiast. Thousands of copies have already been sold in 3 different languages. The book was professionally translated into English in order to match the high demand by international readers.




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