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Essex Bird Centre (EBC) have collaborated with 2 Top Belgium Breeders to create a
Siskin Mix with over 30 different types of seeds! Sold exclusively to the UK market.
Freddy and Yoran de Waegeneer Winter Goldfinch Mix
and Germination seeds also just arrived!

Take care and keep safe.

Jackie & Team


Italian Wire Cages from DOMUS MOLINARI

Bird Accessories

Bird Baths, Feeders, Drinkers and much more

Birds Food

TOP INSECT, Egg Food, Perle Morbide


The Goldfinch, British Birds Mules & Hybrids

Essex Bird Centre the only supplier who Domus Molinari supply their Cages to in the UK, along with Ornitalia the suppliers of Perle Morbide and the best published book The Goldfinch. We have a bespoke range of cages made exclusively for Essex Bird Centre; we can have any of our cages powder-coated in the colour of your choice. There are now over 20 different types of cages for you to choose from. All our cages and accessories are made in ITALY and are of the highest quality on the UK market.

PERLE MORBIDE we are the UK’s sole appointed agent by ORNITALIA to sell Perle Morbide® which entirely replaces the administration of germinated seeds for: canaries, goldfinches, bullfinches, siskins, american siskins, redpolls and many others birds including exotic, foreign finches and waxbills, budgies even parrots with Perle Fruits. It can be fed all year round feeding 2/3 times during the rest period.

Also suppliers of TOP INSECT Frozen Products including Pinkies, Buffalo worms, Mealworms. Waxworms, Hermetias (calci-worms), Crickets and Silkworms. Including live foods – Mealworms, Buffalo worms, mini mealworms also now available.

We also stock Cede, Witte Molen, Raggio di Sole egg food from Italy, Versele Laga health products, seed from top Belgian breeders own recipes and many straight seeds.

Trusted High Quality Brands

Shows in MARCH 2020

The Newark Show on Sunday 29th March has been cancelled by the EMBBA.
We will notify you here as soon as this show or any others have been re-scheduled.


Suggested seeds for the Goldfinch:

Mr Raskin – Top German Breeder
Top Breeders Goldfinch Mix
Putter Mix – by Mr Lissens

Chrysanthemum Seed
Micro Hearts
Milk Thistle
Perle Morbide
Small Black Sunflower
White Perilla
Top Breeders Egg Food with Shrimp
Raggio di sole – Indios