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Bird Rings Starter Kit


Rings4Wings Start Kit. Ring newborn birds when they are just a few days old! Available with ring gun and multi coloured rings. Other colours also available.

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TypeStarters kit: Ring gun incl. Assorted colored rings

Dimensions: Up to Ø 3 mm Rings4Wings Starter kit
Individual colour’s sold separately
The high rate of elasticity allows the ring to adjust to the leg of a bird as the bird grows. Hence, the necessity to ring a bird several times to prevent the ring from growing into the leg itself, is significantly reduced.
The limited height of the rings makes it possible to combine several colours of rings, one above the other, greatly expanding the options for marking.
Suitable for many birds including, Canaries, Goldfinches, Siskins, Redpole’s, Gouldians, Zebra Finches, Foreign Finches, & British Finches.

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