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Complimentary bird food for finches, canaries including waxbills and exotic finches. Cardix Bird Food has a mixture of straights seed suitable for Goldfinches to highlight mask.


Characteristics and composition: mixture of echinacea seeds, milk thistle seeds and safflower seeds. Echinacea purpurea seeds stimulate the immune system thanks to their anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral, anti-fungal and antiparasitic action.

Milk thistle seeds have a particularly protective function in the case of injuries due to the accumulation of harmful substances. Promote liver cell regeneration by restoring liver function in case of overload or malfunction.
Safflower seeds are very rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid from the Omega-6 series. They are also a precious source of vitamins C, E and K. The colouring properties of this plant make it particularly suitable for highlighting the shades of the goldfinch mask.

Advantages: food that uses the properties of medicinal plants to create a product with therapeutic and / or preventive characteristics with the aim of supporting birds in the most delicate phases, in particular the suit and more generally throughout the rest period.

Directions for use: particularly suitable for all species of canaries, carduelids and frangillids. Add a one tablespoon a day (about 10 g) from July to December in a separate feeder from seed.


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