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Natural Magic Color Mix


Specially composed to perfectly color the colors of the goldfinch but also other birds, particularly Yellow & Red. Doesn’t contain Cantax or other chemical dyes which makes it the most comprehensive natural mix on the market. Available in 100 grams.

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This mix is ​​specially composed to perfectly color the colors of the goldfinch but also other birds. Yellow remains yellow and red is really bright red. This mix is ​​the most comprehensive natural mix on the market. Contains absolutely no cantax or other chemical dyes which are poison to the livers of our birds.

Carotenoid gives the birds their color. We can divide these into 3 categories.

Astaxanthin: is the most potent caratonoids. Comes from special algae which, for example, eat the flamingo and the antartica krill, salmon, crab and shrimp.

Lutein and zeaxanthin: can be found in marigolds, tagetes species and kale.

Lycopene: caratonoids who, for example, color the tomato and watermelon. Also found in the rose hip.

This color mix contains natural caratonoids from various types of algae such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Icelandic seaweed and microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis. (Astaxanthin in pure form)

It also contains: carrot, beets, bell pepper, kale, knotweed, yellow goose flower, yellow morning star, red clover, redshank, field thistle, bald squire, marine thistle, knapweed, spear thistle, marigold, tagetes erecta, dandelion, rosehip, aronia berries, dragon’s blood resin , hibiscus flowers, purple corn, antartica krill, annato seeds, coneflower, turmeric, safflower flower.

Use: 5 grams per 1 kilo of egg food daily until after the moulting period. (For best results, give from the birth of the young until after the moult)

Essex Bird Centre are the ONLY nominated UK supplier.

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