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New revolution for Anti-Megabacteria, Coccidiosis & Parasite for birds. 100% natural. 50ml


Bird Protector fights and prevents the most common diseases in birds.

Mega-bacteria: is not a bacterium but a yeast/fungus like pathogen that is mainly found in the mucous layer cells and glands of the glandular stomach.

To combat this fungus, strong natural ingredients are used which have anti fungal and killing properties. Especially the fungus candida in the stomach and intestine.

Coccidiosis: are single-celled parastes that affect the intestinal tract and liver of birds. To combat the coccidiosis, herbs are used that in combination kill the eggs, larvae and parasites and ensure that they cannon survive in the intestines.

Parasite: think also of worms in the intestines, by means of herbs these parasites re killed and combated.

Thanks to the tincture, the right active substances of the natural ingredients are well absorbed and can be easily and quickly dosed to the birds via the drinking water.

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