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Ostrea Brown Shell Sand


OSTREA Brown Aviary/cage sand promotes hygiene in the bird cage or aviary. Available in 2, 5, 10 & 20kg bags.


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OSTREA Brown Aviary/cage sand promotes hygiene in the aviary. The shells have a double function: on the one hand they serve as a millstone for grinding seeds, making them easier to digest, and on the other hand they are a source of calcium and many other minerals for strong bones and feather structure. They oyster shell consists of fragments of fossilised oyster shells the best source of calcium in feed which is 100% digestible by birds. The calcium is released gradually thus becoming slowly and steadily available for the birds. All raw materials and disinfected by drying and heating at a high temperature.
Ostrea sand does not stick to the birds feet like similar products on the market and is the most popular and widely used sand in cages and aviary’s by European Breeders.

The product is dust free. Instructions for use;-
– Floor covering for aviaries and bird cages
– Renew at regular intervals (i.e. weekly)

Keep in a cool dry place



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Weight 2.1 kg

10kg, 20kg, 2kg, 5kg


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