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Regular Mealworms


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Live Mealworms are the best selling live food, and the number one choice for feeding birds. Nearly all birds feed on some live food throughout their lives, from Soft bills, insectivorous birds and Finches the main exceptions being the seedeaters such as pigeons and doves. Mealworms are the larvae of the tenebrio molitar beetle. Their diet is vegetarian, which means they are safe to feed animals and birds without passing on the potentially fatal diseases, which may be present in offal-fed larvae such as maggots.
Live foods are one of the best protein sources for your birds and their high moisture content makes them an especially valuable food for adult birds to feed their chicks during the breeding season.
They are a clean odourless and relatively an expensive live food, rich in protein and easy to store. Mealworms are ideal food for aviary, caged and garden birds along with lizards and other exotic animals.
Our live foods are delivered by next day delivery for £7.50.
Any queries or larger quantities please give me a call.

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