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Wire & Plastic Nest Pan for Outside Cage XL


External metal wire and plastic nest with door for outside cage. Larger in size L 13.5cm x P 13.5cm x H 16.5cm


The nests are equipped with sturdy fixing hooks and a 4-points locking system to contain polyester or wicker pads of large dimensions.
It also offers the possibility to insert darkening branches through holes on the surface.

The external nest has also a circular descent on the flat surface to convey the eggs to the centre of the nest.


F.P.L Canaries: York, Crest, Lancashire

F.P.A Canaries: Agi, Parisian, Paduan

Natives: Coccothraustes, Bullfinches, Cruises, Chloris Chloris

Exotics: Cardinal

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