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CEDE Egg Food


CEDE Canary Egg Food – 5 Kg. CEDE Eggfood is a complementary food for coloured and singing canaries.

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CEDE Egg food is a complementary food for coloured and singing canaries. The processing of complete, fresh eggs, make cede unique. Egg protein is a good digestible and most valuable source of animal protein for birds. CEDE Egg food canary contains high value proteins (animal and vegetable), all the necessary vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and all other natural raw materials to obtain a successful breeding. The extra essential amino acids will improve the moult.

Bakery products, eggs and egg derivatives, various sugars, seeds, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, minerals.
Analysis: Protein 16%, fats 6.5%, fibre 4.2%, moisture 11%, ash 5%, calcium 0.9%, phosphorus 0.4%, sodium 0.5%, magnesium 0.01%. vitamin A 19,500 UI/kg, vitamin D3 2,000 UI/kg, vitamin E 30 mg/kg.

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