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ESTRILDID FINCHES by Antonio Javier Sanz (in English)


An in-depth review into the world of the Exotic Finches with spectacular images of exceptional birds that the author Antonio Javier Sanz has been compiling through his visits to some of the best shows and aviaries in the world.

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A deep approach to the world of the Exotics and in particular to the world of the Asian, oceanic and Australian Estrildid Finches.

The photographs show birds that are difficult to see, due to their scarcity or their high quality, and also the latest mutations of some species, very little known even by good amateurs, such as the Diamond Parrot in the very recent Lemon Yellow mutation, the Kittilitz Diamond in Brown, the Forbes Diamond in Pastel or Seagreen, the Gouldian Finch  in the brand new mutation “Hungarian Dilute”, brown or  “Coral Head”, to name a few.

The book provides detailed information on nomenclature, subspecies, TSN (Taxonomical Serial Number), habitat, distribution, suitable accommodation, feeding, reproduction and existing mutations.

In some cases such as Gouldians, Society and Zebra Finches, the different mutations are developed in a pleasant and didactic way, including the most recent ones, almost in small monographs that will help the enthusiast to clarify many concepts that are sometimes somewhat confusing.

The author, with his well-known sensibility as a bird photographer, has made an enormous work of graphic documentation in the world of the Exotics that, without a doubt, will suppose the recognition of this work as a referent for all the good amateurs to the birds, be neophytes that lean out to this incredible world or experts that will enjoy information and very attractive images.

The collection of photographs is completed with the contributions of great photographers and top-level researchers who have shared their extraordinary images, many of them unpublished, so that this book could show documentation of all the mentioned species.

The author, a well-known photographer of birds in competition, has been an International Expert Judge of Colour Canaries of the OMJ-COM since 1984 and an amateur breeder of all the specialities of ornithology since he was a child and due to family tradition. He has published in this same publishers his first work MY OWN VIEW, COLOUR CANARIES and his second work AUSTRALIAN, OCEAN AND ASIATIC ESTRILDID FINCHES, both with great success. With his most recent publications THE GOLDFINCH AND ITS MUTATIONS, LIPOCHROMES – Colour Canries in the 21st Century and CLASSIC MELANICS – Colour Canries in the 21st Century, all books highly valued by fans and experts around the world.

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