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A visual voyage across the 21st century’s colored canaries orniculture through the photographs made by the author in championships
and recognized breeder’s bird rooms, including World COM Championship 2016 at Matosinhos (Portugal).
Most of the birds are champions of great shows, including international Shows, National Shows and of course the World
Photographs are always of great birds, but they also show the author’s vision of colored canaries, his own view, the personal
look of a judge which has been judging colored canaries for over 35 years.
A personal look searching for beauty in each bird, giving sense in each photography, in each look to the fascination that colored
canaries produces in every one of us, fascination that produces such an intense passion in this world.
Author, Antonio Javier Sanz, has been breeding and showing canaries since 1970, with important success and recognition both domestic and internationally.
He is a Spanish National Judge since 1981 and International Expert Color Judge OMJ-COM since 1984, at the age of 22. During his long career he has been judging in several shows in Spain and all over the world.

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