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Herb Bird Mix – Libido Booster


This Libido booster for birds has been Tested by top Goldfinch bird breeder Eddy Rimaux with great results….This nature herb bird mix contains 14 different herbs that have libido enhancing properties.


We all know the rules to get our birds in breeding condition. 

  • Increase light hours 
  • No too fat birds 
  • Extra vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, trace elements and antioxidants 

What are the causes of poor or reduced fertility?  

  • If the male is not in breeding condition, he will have disrupted or reduced seed production. We often already provide extra vitamin E and light hours. But the most important thing is to increase the production of testosterone, which is partly possible through certain herbs. 
  • Poor quality of semen. This can be due to the condition, illness, overweight, age, nutrition, medicines etc. 

Why give extra herbs for libido? 

It has been scientifically proven that a certain diet can beneficially affect the bird’s sperm. We then think of: 

Amino acids and fatty acids 


Vitamins A,C,E,B6 

Trace elements (selenium and zinc) 

In addition, I have developed a herbal mixture of 14 different herbs that produce stimulation on hormones and also the positive effect on the sex drive in male and female birds.  

Which herbs?  

  1. Tribulus terrestris : The active substances in this herb stimulate the production of the luteinizing hormone (LH). LH is the reproductive hormone in both men and women. Animal studies have shown that Tribulus has a positive effect on the sex drive in males and females. In addition, Tribulus promotes spermatogenesis, quantity and vitality of the spermatozoids 
  1. Maca red: the red maca increases libido and improves fertility. 
  1. Maca black: The black maca promotes male fertility.  
  1. Maca yellow: The yellow maca promotes female fertility 
  1. Triphala : Known as one of the best libido enhancing herbs. 
  1. Fenugreek : One of the saponins in fenugreek is diosgenin. This substance influences the production of the sex hormones. 
  1. Muira puama : Contains sterols, the building blocks of sex hormones such as testosterone. 
  1. Horny goat : contains icariin, a flavonoid compound that acts as a natural estrogen which also makes the herb great for boosting the female libido. 
  1. Shilajit : a true libido and energy booster!! 
  1. Moringa seeds : contain vitamins C, A and D. Vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin A is an important nutrient in sperm production and virility. This vitamin also increases the sperm count. Vitamin D is important for building energy and testosterone. It contains saponin, a substance that can enhance sex hormones and increase testosterone levels in men. 
  1. Ginger : improves female fertility and improves sperm motility  
  1. Mucuna pruriens : It boosts sex drive, this plant is rich in I-dopa, an amino acid that is a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine. This results in an improved libido 
  1. Leuzea root : increases the bird’s energy. This root contains many hormone-like substances. Contains a lot of vitamins E and C. It is also a steroid compound (it makes birds angry) 
  1. Wheat Germ Flakes: Wheat Germ Flakes are one of the best natural sources of vitamin E. It also contains a lot of protein. Wheat germ flakes stimulate the birds’ drive and promote fertility and egg production 


This herb mix can simply be given under the egg food during preparation and breeding.  ideal in combination with mix1 (preparation and cultivation)

tip: slowly add libido booster mix to your egg food. first 1x a week then 2x a week. in this way you ensure that both male and female are in super breeding condition. while laying eggs you stop giving libido booster herbs. Give libido booster herbs again between each round so that the birds get the booster of libido and vitamins.

Essex Bird Centre are the ONLY nominated UK supplier.

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