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NEW COLOURS By Antonio Javier Sanz


Colour canaries in the 21st Century. Pastel, Grey-Wings, Opal, Phaeo & Satinet. The different has always attracted attention. Its is in the nature of humans (and probably all animals) to immediately discover what is different, what is unusual, what is rare.

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Volume 3.

Its not surprising that the author begins this book by opening the doors to the magic of colour canary breeding, for this is what has been going on from the middle of the 20th century to the present day. Pure magic for us all.

In this third volume of the collection COLOUR CANARIES IN THE 21ST CENTURY, the first mutations in the melanics of the coloured canaries are analysed, from the Pastel mutation, the first known and fixated, to the Satinet, through the fabulous Grey Winds, the Opal and the Phaeo.

We enter a new world where breeders dream of the different, the unseen. This is certainly why we talk about New Colours. As we have already explained in the book dedicated to the classic melanics, we call New Colours everything that has appeared since the Pastel mutation and that generally acts on what we call the basic types (that is, Black, Brown, Agate and Isabel).



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